Our Bankers:

ADB Bank, Bawku Branch, Upper East Region.

Passion for Total Care, a non-profit non-governmental organisation, registered under relevant laws of the Republic of Ghana, would be grateful for your support in enabling us to help children and adults with mental health conditions, particularly, in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

donateCash, equipment, and building material donations would be very much appreciated to enable us to better the lives of victims of psychiatric conditions, and to give hope to others that help is on its way.

Each donation will be acknowledged; the beneficiaries and their needs will be explained. The use and impact of donations, where possible, will be detailed with photos on our website. You will be provided with a formal acknowledgement of your contribution for tax purposes. We emphasize on honesty and transparency. Our accounts will be audited by the Auditor-General’s Department regularly, and where available to us, the Auditor-General’s report shall be published on our website.

Donations may be offset from taxable income in accordance with the tax laws of Ghana. You may, of course, specify the manner in which you wish to have your donation used; for instance, the treatment of patients with a particular condition, construction projects of our facilities, purchase of medical equipment, gender equality projects, clothing and shoes for our patients, etc.

In addition to monetary donations, which may be made by mobile money transfers, bank transfer or letters of credit, we need everything from books to PCs, vitamins and psychoactive medicines, cleaning tools, medical equipment, vehicles, bikes, clothing and shoes (new and used, but clean), hospital beds, office furniture, teaching aids, backpacks, games, comics, CD players, tape recorders, insect repellents, flashlights and batteries, electrical generators, candles and much more. In many instances, we are confronting sheer poverty, and almost any item would be welcome.


There is one important stipulation: The donor is required to ship items at his or her expense, including import duties, if any, to our warehouse in Basyonde in the Tempane District of the Upper East Region of Ghana. Only appropriate items should be donated.

lf you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone and we’ll do our best to respond quickly. We would also appreciate information and contact details of any organization or individual who you believe would be prepared to support Passion for Total Care.