Our activities include playing an advocacy role and creation of awareness on the right of mentally ill persons, in accordance with the Mental Health Act, 2012 (Act 846). We carry out community rehabilitation activities for clients, following successful management in order to reintegrate them into their families and communities, as well as empower them to provide livelihood for themselves.


PTC empowers persons with mental health problems to feel confident talking about their issues without facing discrimination. We strive to influence attitude and behaviour towards mental health and persons with mental illness. Children and adolescents are of special attention to us in our endeavour of behavioural influence. Another key activity we undertake is the empowerment through education of women on gender-base issues, including pregnancy, reproductive and mental health.


We render selfless social services to humanity, educating communities on basic mental healthcare issues. In our endeavour of healthcare provision, any psychiatric condition that is beyond the management of our facility is referred to one of the three psychiatric hospitals in the country for further management.